Through the production of our high-quality musical albums, video clips and movies, we proved to be a viable production company capable of achieving successful accomplishments for all our past and current contracted artists in the film and music industry. Our extensive experience and artistic vision have allowed us to maintain our commitment to aspiring singers and professional artists such as Khaled Selim - up to 2006, Mohammad Bash - since 2012, and other upcoming singers and actors. Our main goal is to present the finest artwork in our field.

About Us

JAMMO ART PRODUCTION KARIM KABBARA AND CO. Established in 2003 in Michigan USA, Id. 800625539 Employer identification number 461 891 984 With a branch office in CAIRO EGYPT established in 2014, Registration Number: 21585

Karim Kabbara Showreel 2020
Mohamad Bash

Our main goal is to present the finest musical work and keep music for the sake of music.
We have a series of productions with complete ownership and copyright registrations in the US Copyright Office, as well as productions whose copyrights are registered in the Egyptian Copyright Office